Certificate in Meditation Teaching & Holistic Human Development

The Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development is the perfect pathway to move beyond the scope of traditional yoga and into the more transformative practises of meditation and healing. The evidence-based and internationally industry accredited content of this course has been fully integrated by the teachers delivering the program, often through years of committed self- practice. Balancing a grounded, non-sectarian and professional knowledge base with a personal embodiment, ensures a fruitful and engaging learning experience in the idyllic Byron Bay Hinterland.

Course Overview:

The Certificate in Meditation Therapy and Holistic Human Development balances personal and professional growth, providing some with an opportunity to reflect and ensuring others can build on their natural therapies career. The 12-module course is delivered face-to-face at a 6-day residential retreat in the Byron Bay hinterland.

Module One: Foundations Studies in Meditation

History and Theory of Meditation
Developing Meditation routines
Deepening and refining your own practice

Module Two: Stress; Understanding Cause and Effect

Understanding stress
Physiological responses to stress
Psychological causes of stress

Module Three: Foundations of Human Happiness

The psychology of happiness
Subconscious programming and reprogramming
States of mind & Fundamentals of self-image

Module Four: Tools for Healing

Tools for healing
Positive thinking skills
Foundations of Mind-Body Medicine
Meditation as a healing tool & Hypnotic state

Module Five: Meditation Styles and Techniques

Poses and positions
Chakras and energy Meditations
Guided Meditations & visualization
Mantras and affirmations in Meditation

Module Six: Teaching

Talking to groups & Group leadership skills
Answering questions about Meditation Leading guided Meditations
Overcoming obstacles to Meditation practice
Creating safe and effective teaching environments

Module Seven: Working with Specific Groups

People with disabilities
Health care professionals & business clients
Difficult clients

Module Eight: Counselling and Coaching Skills

Client-centred approach
Active listening skills
Identifying obstacles
Case studies

Module Nine: Running Classes and Workshops

Basic Meditation
The IMTTA Course (Meditation, Stress Management & Personal Development Combination)
The IMTTA Teen Program (Meditation for Teenagers)
Choosing Venues

Module Ten: Corporate and Community Settings

Corporate stress management and relaxation workshops
Approaching community groups and organizations
Volunteer and community work

Module Eleven: Small Business Management

Ethics and Professionalism
Your public profile
Fundamentals of customer service
Maintaining student/client records
Charging for your services
Running a small home office

Module Twelve: Marketing: The key to success

Understanding the power of branding, targeted marketing and advertising
The Internet – How to use free advertising for your business
Public image

Course Outcomes:

The Certificate in Meditation Therapy and Holistic Human Development provides an overarching qualification which includes the following certificates:

● Certificate of Meditaton Teaching
● Certificate in Chair Yoga Instruction
● Certificate in Holistc Counselling and Life Coaching

This course will provide the qualifications, skills and confidence to work as a Professional Meditation Teacher, Chair Yoga Instructor, Holistic Counsellor or Holistic Coach.

Upon finishing the course, students can go on to complete a Diploma in Meditation Therapy and Holistic Counselling. This program consists of the certificate level course plus the Postgraduate Certificate in Autonomic Nervous System Realignment Therapy, the Post Graduate Certificate in Brain-Body Medicine, and two electives chosen from the course documents.

Dates and venue of these 2-day courses will be announced at a later time. 

Meditation and Holistic Human Development:

Disengaging stress and accepting a balanced state of rest is the everlasting struggle of a contemporary lifestyle. Fear, childhood trauma, unresolved grief, anger, anxiety and the pressure of modern life, all create an imbalance in neurochemicals and hormones. While most therapeutic programs singularly address physical, emotional, mental or spiritual healing, such a narrow focus fails to achieve a holistic harmony.

Meditation and Holistic Human Development not only identifies the underlying root cause of stress but empowers individuals to take control of their entire well being. The easy-to-practice, self- empowering and scientifically proven methods facilitate a cohesive mind-body connection and foster optimal well-being.

This course provides the tools to bring about whole-person healing and build the foundations of a meaningful life. The powerful and essential modality will enable personal growth, as well as provide the skills to share your new-found knowledge with others.

Tuition includes:

● All course materials for a Certficate in Meditaton Teaching and Holistc Human Development
● Six nights accommodation in a beautiful cottage, nestled in the rolling hills of the Byron Bay Hinterland
● Vegetarian Produce
● Daily Yoga
● Group Reiki Session

And more….

Dates: TBA
Cost: $1,500.00 AUD

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